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First Freedom Account


Convert Your Good Credit to Cash

You've worked hard to build and maintain your good credit.  Now enjoy the rewards of your efforts.  You can bank on the First Freedom account for convenience and cash.

Our First Freedom Account Offers Convenience & Freedom from Worry

You know the excitement of uncovering a great bargain, the joy of buying that perfect gift, or the fun of a spontaneous weekend holiday.  You may also know the disappointment of discarding your plans because you couldn't get to the bank in time.  Don't let this happen again!

Use your good credit to qualify for our First Freedom account, and write your own loan any time you need extra money for pleasure or an emergency.  Know the freedom of having a reserve at your fingertips.  Funds can be transferred many ways with our convenient online banking or HeyBank® Mobile products!

Investigate the Possibilities in Your Future

Apply today!  Complete the application (click here) and return it for our prompt review.  When approved, visit with a personal loan officer to complete the agreement.  You'll have new cash resources and new potentials in your life.

Any Questions?

We'll be glad to talk with you about the ways to access your personal line of credit, finance charges, pay schedules, and your personal loan limit.


APPLY NOW!!  First Freedom gives you financial peace of mind!





Jon Q. Alexander
Marvin D. Dement
Lori J. Pierce
K. Michelle Woods
Mason Bolay

 Kay Ranney Leland W. Harris

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