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Personal Loans

Whether you’re buying your first car or need a little extra cash to get you through a difficult patch, we’re here to help.  A combined 166 years of banking experience among our loan officers brings a wealth of knowledge that we put to work for you.  Call or come visit with any of our friendly loan officers.

Personal Loans

We know that life throws everyone a curve now and then.  If you need cash to replace a small appliance, repair the roof or just to get you through an unexpected shortfall, we may be just the help you need.  Loans are also available for the fun things in life, such as a special vacation or a little extra for Christmas.  Give us a call or come by and visit with any of our friendly loan officers.  We’ll work to find a solution that fits you!

Auto and Truck Loans

When it’s time to replace your wheels, come see us first.  We’ll provide you with NADA prices on the car or truck you’re trading in and the one you’re interested in purchasing.  An informed buyer always gets the best deal!  If you’re uncertain how much you can spend and still have a payment that fits your budget, we’re here for that too.  Our competitive rates, flexible financing and personal service offer the perfect combination to get you moving!

Apply at our Online Loan Application site. 

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Real Estate Loans

Looking to buy a house, refinance your mortgage, or access the equity in your home?  FB&T offers conventional and jumbo, fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages, with the most competitive rates in town.  We’re dedicated to finding a loan that's right for you.  Plus, we offer special programs to help even first-time buyers qualify, rate protection plans for buyers and sellers, quick approval, and other personal services to save you time and money.  For the home financing options you're looking for, stop by or call our loan officers today!

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Check us out for long-term fixed rate home loans.  Rates today are extremely low and can be locked in for terms up to 30 years.  This gives you peace of mind knowing your interest rate and principal and interest payments will never go up! There are attractive options for first time homebuyers as well.  The process of purchasing a home can seem overwhelming, but we do the leg work for you and assist you every step of the way.  Buyers have repeatedly told us “thank you” for making it seem so easy!

Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Do you want to buy or refinance a home with low closing costs?  Are you planning to make a housing change within the next few years and prefer not to incur the costs associated with a long-term fixed rate mortgage? An Adjustable Rate Mortgage may be the perfect product for you.  This type of loan is available to purchase, refinance or remodel a home or rental property. The interest rate is adjusted once per year, based on nationally published U.S. Treasury rates, and the loans are repayable over periods of up to 20 years. The loan is owned and serviced by FB&T and is never sold to another lender.  We can tailor a loan that meets your needs!

Home Equity Loans

You've worked hard making the monthly payments on your home over the years. Why not let it work for you now? A home equity loan can be just the product you need to remodel or repair your home, pay off credit cards, or provide funds for a variety of other needs.

Construction Loans

You’ll have plenty of decisions to make when you build your home. Why not make it easier by allowing First Bank to open a construction line of credit for you. We can pre-qualify you for the permanent home loan, giving you peace of mind during the building phase. The interest rate on the construction loan is fixed, and advances are as simple as writing a check!

Apply at our Online Real Estate Loan Application site.

Or fill out our printable Real Estate Loan Application.

FB&T Loan Officers




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 Kay Ranney Leland W. Harris

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